Welcome to ChefJoy, where authentic home-cooked meals meet convenience and joy. Our journey began with a common struggle shared by us, Amrit and Varun, each with a unique background and a passion for bringing traditional, authentic dishes back to the table.

Having served as a product lead for growth at Instagram and product lead for groceries at DoorDash respectively, we collectively spent over 12 years in the United States. Despite our diverse professional experiences, we faced a common challenge – the difficulty of finding and enjoying the home-cooked, authentic meals we grew up with, especially those from India.

In India, access to cooking help was easy, affordable, and part of the cultural fabric. However, transitioning to the United States brought new challenges, not only for us but also for many friends and colleagues who hailed from different corners of the world, such as India, China, and Mexico. The struggle was real, and it centered around the lack of options for traditional, authentic meals in the comfort of their American homes.

To delve deeper into this shared experience, we spoke with over 100 people, unveiling a common thread – the absence of both time and truly authentic options in the market. The available choices were often expensive, lacked authenticity, or had poor quality. This revelation sparked an "aha" moment – people were yearning for authentic, freshly cooked, and wholesome meals.

ChefJoy was born out of this need, with a mission to bridge the gap between food enthusiasts and local immigrant chefs who, despite working at popular restaurants, had spare time to bring traditional flavors to the homes of those who craved them. The platform was built on the foundation of providing custom dishes that showcase the rich culinary heritage of different cultures.

Since our inception, over 200 people have signed up for ChefJoy's service, and we are proud to have helped over 70 families rediscover the joy of eating fresh, home-cooked foods. This has not only satisfied their taste buds but has also contributed to a positive and healthier outlook on life.

We want to share a personal secret – it took one of us 12 years to taste his favorite childhood chicken curry again. The sheer joy of that moment is what we aim to bring to all our customers. We can't wait for you to rediscover and savor the flavors of your favorite childhood dishes with ChefJoy. Join us in this culinary journey, where every meal is a reunion with cherished memories and a celebration of diverse flavors.