Q. How do I request a chef ?
Ans. Once you have registered with the Chefjoy app, you will be able to request chefs every time from the home screen. Select the date, time, no.of people and cuisine that you would like the Chef to come and cook for. Select the dishes that are displayed as per the cuisine selected. The order details will be displayed as per your selection. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed to make payments. Chefjoy takes 100% advance payment. On successful payment a Chef would be assigned to you.

Q. How do I look at my appointments ?
Ans. You can access your current and past appointments from home screen. Click on the menu option and select ‘My Orders’ from the drop down. You will be able to view both past and current appointments.

Q. How do I know the chefs will make great food ?
Ans. We interview and meet each chef personally and test their skills by having them cook food for us. All our chefs have experience cooking food across top restaurants and clients with great track record.

Q. Why should I trust these chefs ?
Ans. We do extensive background checks on our chefs to make sure they are safe. If we ever hear a bad review from any customer on poor behavior, we remove the respective chef from platform until full investigation.

Q. What cuisines these chefs can cook ?
Ans. Simple answer many. Our chefs have spent many years perfecting their craft across American, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian and many other cuisines you are interested in.

Q. What if I would like to cook a special recipe ?
Ans. Once we match you with a chef, you will be able to chat directly with the chef and make requests on specific recipe

Q. What if I want chef to pick grocery for me ?
Ans. Absolutely, we understand that you may not have time or know the items you need for a dish. Our chefs can get the grocery items for you and show you the receipt so that you can reimburse it.

Q. How much of my payment goes to Chef Vs. kept by ChefJoy ?
Ans. ChefJoy prides itself in being one of the first & few Gig-Economy companies to be completely transparent & fair with both Clients & Chefs. 100% of the Hourly rate paid by Client goes to Chefs. Similarly, 100% of the Tips, 100% of charges like Grocery-Pickup goes to the Chef. ChefJoy charges a separate per-transaction platform fee. Our Chefs & Clients are completely aware of how much money goes to Chef & how much money goes to ChefJoy

Q. What if I want the chef to get their utensils ?
Ans. Absolutely, we understand that you may not have all the utensils or cook ware. Our chefs can get you the basic utensils for the food. Please make sure that you chat with your chef to ensure that you need one.

Q. Will the chef also serve us food ?
Ans. Unfortunately, the goal of our chefs is to cook great food and either transfer them into containers or pack them for you. They would leave once they are done.

Q. Will these chefs clean after cooking ?
Ans. Yes, they will clean the utensils and equipment they used, but not any other.

Q. How do I cancel an appointment ?
Ans. Given the amount of planning it takes to schedule a chef, we request a 24 hrs notice for you to cancel an appointment. If you cancel within 24 hrs, we may not refund your money, unless a special case. Please work with our customer support for your case.

Q. How do I pay to chefs ?
Ans. Please use the app to pay chefs. We leverage Stripe for all transactions.

Q. How do I pay for grocery ?
Ans. As of now, please pay chef directly based on the grocery receipt. You can use cash or other online ways based on the agreement with the chef.

Q. Can I chat with my chef ?
Ans. Yes, once we match you with a chef, you will be able to chat with the chef directly, for all your special requests

Q. Is there a minimum duration/time commitment required ?
Ans. Yes. Since our Chefs are spending their own money to drive/commute to your home, there is a minimum duration/time commitment required. Typically, it’s 2 hours but it varies based on the areas we are serving. ChefJoy app highlights this minimum duration when placing order.